About SerLieveTM

The SerLieveTM Apparel Designs store has several products with your classic favorites available in a convenient shopping format.

The shopping site is easy to navigate and allows customers to have items delivered right to their doorstep. Explore the inspired artful clothing and learn how wearing one of the colorful and delightful essences of this moving assemblage give meaning to happiness, bless and contentment.

In addition to the convenient shop at home feature; the SerLieveTM Apparel Designs shop has plenty of artful handbags, scarves and footwear to consider, depending on your personal style. 

Additionally, social media links are available for easy access to our social platforms, so you can follow along for the latest news, specials, tips and product launches.

The SerLieveTM artfully clothing idea was created in Rhode Island in 2016, inspired by the artist’s painting creations with many years of thought and thinking.  Since its inception in April 2016, the artist has resulted-driven relationships with charitable organizations by giving back a percentage of sales during fashion shows and events.

SerLieveTM artful  clothing are made from 90% Polyester,  10% Spandex, soft, stretchy, lightweight and quick drying fabric offering ultimate perfect flexibility.  It is spectacular inspirational clothing line with the concept of embracing being unique and embracing yourself.  It means you are all distinctive with the arts of being expressive.

Each style have its unique inspirational meaning conquering your positive feelings and colors that represent friendliness, approachability, trust, success, and professionalism with just the right feel, influence and the amount of stretch that fits with ease.

For all of you who are style-conscious, the clothing is a perfect way to stay trendy and get noticed!

Our vision is to be a leader in an Artful Inspirational Apparel category.